These are the core technology platforms at CU NextGen that support the
credit union solutions that we build and support.



Our no-code platform, AppForms, is the future of business software development. If you do a google search today for “no-code,” you will see the attention this architecture for application development is getting today. The advantages of building enterprise applications on a no-code platform are tremendous in terms of speed to market, ease of maintenance, total cost of ownership, agility of innovation, and the futureproofing of applications. The no-code platform that CU NextGen is making available to the credit union industry is tried and tested and already in production with many Fortune 500 Companies. Deloitte, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Envoy Mortgage, Winn Dixie, Atlantic Health System and many others, have all used our platform. One of the key advantages of a no-code platform for building business applications is the ease with which functionality can be changed on an ongoing basis, which is often challenging in other circumstances.

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

RPA’s usefulness in automating low-level digital work tasks is undeniable, with results that include improved process efficiencies and reduced costs via the elimination of human labor for mundane digital tasks that can now be automated. For many business processes, the key challenge is working with diverse legacy systems that do not support a traditional option of integration using API’s, so RPA is a revolutionary technology platform that addresses this challenge by enabling integration by moving data through the end user screens of those legacy applications. The benefits of automating manual data entry tasks is huge, and the credit unions leveraging RPA are really seeing significant ROI through process automation initiatives.

The RPA and no-code platforms are very complementary to each other. While RPA automates the mundane data entry tasks, the no-code platform can quickly and effectively create new dashboards or forms and workflows to support RPA processes.

Intelligence (AI)

AI solutions for voice assistants, automated trading algorithms, autonomous vehicles, and other new technologies have established how transformational AI is going to be for the future of everything. CU NextGen’s AI1 Genie initiative, is our strategy to harness the best of AI algorithms to deliver best-in-class AI solutions to the credit union industry. Since AI is a very broad field, we have seen that it is better to utilize the best AI algorithms as they mature and apply them to practical credit union solutions. Today at CU NextGen we have AI solutions for voice and facial biometric authentication of members. We also have robust AI solution frameworks for fraud management and credit scoring using the existing member data that each credit union already has. The AI and machine learning models that CU NextGen deploys create a powerful platform on which we can build robust predictive engines for pro-actively preventing fraud and supporting the credit evaluation of members based on their tangible and intangible relationships with their credit unions.


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